Top tips to help you secure a rental property in a tight rental market

Jun 11, 2021

With the vacancy rate across Brisbane still at an all-time low, more prospective tenants are finding it harder to be selected for a property to rent in the current rental market. Here we present you with our top tips to help your application stand out for the landlord.

1. Park on the street

This one may seem silly but so many managing agents feel totally triggered by it.  Under no circumstance should you park in the driveway at the leasing inspection.  You don’t live there yet.  Whether it is your intention or not, something as simple as this can give off the vibe that you are more important than any other prospective tenants at the inspection, the managing agent, or worse yet – the actual tenants who still live there.  You may make yourself memorable for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t rush through the application

Be sure to complete the application in full. If there is anything you are unsure of when completing the application, there is no harm in ringing the managing agent to make sure you are providing the information they are looking for.  The managing agents have asked for specific information for a reason and if you have rushed through the application and not provided all the information required, you’ve given yourself a huge disadvantage. 

3. Provide real references 

Provide accurate and reliable references.   If you have put your best mate down as your previous landlord, but when the agent carries out a search your mate doesn’t own the property, your application has lost credibility instantly.  Along with previous/current real estate staff, some examples for great reference sources are current or previous employers and anyone who can vouch for you being a good tenant.  Neighbours are an outside of the box, clever reference source that could help you stand out in a large amount of applications.  Written references included in your application never hurt.

4. Don’t hide your furry friends! 

If you have pets, make sure you include them on the tenancy application and be sure to include the council registration, whether the pet/s desexed and as much information as you can.  This information shows you are a responsible pet owner not just for providing it, but by having it on hand which creates peace of mind for the property owner.  Putting down that you have a dog without any further information about the breed, size, if you intend to keep it inside or outside can slow down the process as these things will need to be confirmed before approving your application and you run the risk of another application with this information on hand being approved before you.  Bonus tip—I’ve never worked in a real estate office that doesn’t love a photo of your pet included in your application!  Your pet having a written reference from the vet or puppy preschool etc is pretty cute and a standout move. 

5. Be honest & upfront about your rental history

Be honest about your previous rental history.  The agent or property owner is going to do their own background checks on your rental history anyway and if you have hidden something on your application you don’t have a lot of chance of being approved.  Had funds been deducted from your bond for running out of time and not mowing the lawn at a previous rental?  There are a lot of things that are understandable and not necessarily damaging to your rental history however if you sign an application saying you have always received a full bond return and it isn’t the case the owner or owner’s agent may feel concerned about what else you aren’t being honest about.

6. Don’t be afraid to share

It won’t hurt to include a little paragraph or cover letter about why you are applying for this property and it could be anything from your kids attending a school nearby, the size of the property is perfect and allows you to work from home, the flat yard is perfect for family cricket games etc.  Including information like this can help the property owner visualise the type of tenant you might be and it could see you at the top of their list. 

7. Be respectful to the landlord or agent

Be respectful to the landlord or agent in every interaction you have with them.  The agent or landlord’s end goal is to find the most suitable tenant for the property as soon as possible, and they likely have dozens of applications to process.   Like you, the landlord or agent is also hoping to finalise the application process and give you the outcome as soon as possible.  Reference and background checks can take some time.  Sit tight!  Great property managers will keep you updated along the way.

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